Thank you for your interest in Park Slope Schoolhouse.
Read below to see answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What age children do you accept?

Your child will be considered for our 2017/18 1’s program if they are 1 year as of September 1, 2017. Your child will be considered for our 2017/18 2’s program if they were born in 2015 and in our 2017/18 3’s program if they were born in 2014.

When can we sign up for a tour?
You can sign up for a tour in the fall prior to the year enrolling. For September 2017 enrollment, we will begin tours on November 7, 2016. Please visit our site for sign ups beginning October 20th.

If we tour in January, will this effect our chances in admissions?

You can tour anytime from November through January.  Applications are not available until February.

When are tours conducted?
All tours are conducted at 9:30 am beginning  in early November through the end of January.

When does the school year begin?
The school year begins every September. Each child stays within their age group class through mid- August and moves as a group the following September.

How do we get an application?

Applications will be made available at the end of February to families who have already toured the program.